Thursday, May 5, 2016

Notes for tomorrow

Dear All,

This is what to take note of for tomorrow's exam

Subject- Math
Topics Tested: All the way until Algebra

Please bring a calculator, if not, you will have a severe disadvantage
No highlighting is allowed, but you can underline in pencil.
Bring a pencil, ruler and an eraser. We may be asked to draw number lines

- It's a paper that is meant to make you rush, so please go to the restroom before the paper.
- List out the MS, CS and TS in the paper.
- Draw out the DST triangle, percentage converter, m/s to km/h thingy

Motivation if you need:

-It's FRIDAY, and your weekend starts once the paper ends.
- It's the Last paper of the week
- It's the second last paper

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