Monday, May 9, 2016

Notes and more

Dear all,

First of all, let's open up a can of coke and celebrate the end of our CT1, and just enjoy our time for a little while, and take in what SST has planned for us.

Secondly, there is an active pervert and paedophile on the loose and has been preying on people all around Singapore. The pervert/ paedophile will pretend to be your friend and claim to have changed their number and ask for contacts of small sized boys, similar in size to Monish, Noah, Walmond and I. His number is 94570633 and this has only raised suspicions when people recently found out that their friends' number are completely identical. He will also ask you to drink salt water and ask you to take pictures of your urine after which, he will also ask for your other friends' contact number. Please do not fall victim to this pervert or paedophile and get scammed.

Also regarding the issue above, I am pleased to see how the S105 stuck together. During recess, although it was not right, people were spamming the paedophile with messages and calls even if they were not scammed by him. Although this is not right, there is the 105 spirit in there and that is what we would like to see more of, just in a different way, perhaps.


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