Saturday, March 12, 2016

Virus scam

Dear all,

This is very important as I have just experienced it.

When browsing pages on you android phone, you may come across a message telling you that you have 13 viruses on your phone, for whatever reasons ( mine said that I had been clicking on porn websites) but I did not. They will then set a timer and ask you to download an antivirus app from the play store. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.  I went to check on google and it said that this is a SCAM to incorporate malware into your phone.

What you should do:

Use a trusted antivirus software like AVG to scan for any viruses on your phone, and tell your parents. I do not want anyone to fall victim to this.



  1. Tencent is a malware too. I've been trying to delete this dung for 1 day. This chinese software that is my computer, which idk how, just downloaded itself in. I tried safe booting and now my computer is stuck at, 'enforced policy allows only administrators to login in safe mode'.

    If you guys see Tencent in your computer, delete it with AVG or some stuff like that.

    What Tencent does is it annoys you with its popping ads.
    You can't delete it manually, it opens a lot of tabs.
    It screenshots your information in your computer and skype.
    It is known to threaten skype

    Now I'm stuck out of my computer and the App is still there. Whatever you do, delete Tencent if you find it in your computer.

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