Friday, February 12, 2016

Stop all of the illogical forms!

Dear all,

Kaiwan stops posting useless forms.This is a warning to everyone.Ze Yeung and Walmond's forms are fine, but the others are useless.What are you guys trying to do?Make the EXCO feel guilty?Gain popularity?
This my final warning.If there are any illogical forms sent to me by email, message, Whatsapp or on the class blog.Do not abuse the fact that you can post anything on the class blog.If you want me to permit to publish forms, please approach me.Take this warning Seriously.Did you know the whole world can see this blog ?



  1. what if I want to have a better understanding of the class, YAYYY

  2. Everyone can see this blog if they type in the link, because it is a blog, not a very secure social media platform.

    1. I just logged out just now and accessed the blog when I clicked on a bookmark. ;)


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