Sunday, February 14, 2016

Please review my books on Wattpad!

I have been writing some cool books on this half social media platform since 2014 for the fun of it. My newest is Code and Magic, a fantasy story that is somehow awesome. It is about xxx and yyy. My oldest book, After Herobrine, is a Minecraft story about aaa, bbb and ccc.

You will need to register to read them. If you think that they are rubbish, just voice it out. I'll still continue for the fun of it, but I wouldn't send more invitations. This is the link:
(I don't like purple; I just put the text as purple so that it looks nice.)

(p.s. My username is @Mineshafter61, my friend's username is @YJJcoolcool, and a follower from class S1-01's username is @Elise_Jackson.)

(p.s.2 If you vote or comment on my stories, my story will go into "Popular" or "Undiscovered" respectively.)


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