Monday, February 15, 2016

I&E recap

What will you have to do?
- Build a device or a few devices that will help you get the cookie jar down from 2.5m.
-The cookie jar cannot free fall. Something must be in control of it at all times.
- You cannot step into a 1.5m radius around the cookie jar.
- You have to be ready by the time you start. Advice: Build your machine during your breaks or when others are trying out their methods.
- Machine(s) must be able to reach the cookie jar and bring it down.

Things to take note
- You only have 5 minutes to bring it down.
-You have to make a machine and not buy a pre-made one for similar purposes.
- Aim for zero costs.
- Tomorrow's one is just a time to test if you are able to take the jar down. You may just sit there and watch others suffer while trying to get it down and study their mistakes, although this is not recommended.( Do Not Do This)

Bring your machine parts and assemble it in school
Assemble your machine and have it ready to go before I&E
Ask a good friend to give you advice when lifting the poles down.

You have around 18hrs 30 mins before I&E tomorrow, so GO!

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