Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello. My name is Ong Yu Hang. I am from class S1-05. Besides doing homework, gaming, exercising, and eating, I love to write. I aim to sell my ebooks as hardcopies and make money one day.

Besides books, I also love to draw and create things. Any software that enables me to create, build, draw, or construct stuff would make me happy. Because of this, I love to play a game called Minecraft, which is a 3-D sandbox game which had no limits of what you could build using the 300+ blocks and entities, and the few commands in the game could change this game into another.

However, the con of the game is that it could make you addicted to it as you could fight other people. So, my (and also Euan's) advice is not to treat the game as a game, but to treat it as a simplified version of Blender or Sketchup.

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