Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dear all,

I realised I haven't reminded you on how to backup

If you have Time Machine, See A. For those of you who do not, see B


Time Machine is only recommended if you have many Apple devices in your home.

1. Go to finder and find Time Machine, or, just use Spotlight search. Open It.
2. Follow the instructions and you are done! Note: you have to do this weekly.


This is more tricky, but a cheaper alternative to Time Machine, which costs $450+.

1. Buy a hard disc, or if you have one just use that, note that it has to be empty and needs to be Mac friendly. If your hard disc is not Mac friendly, just re-format it.
2.Prepare your first backup by grouping ALL of your files into 1 file.
3.Connect your hard disc to your MacBook or LD. 
4.Move the file you have prepared into your hard disc.
5.Done! Note: you have to backup weekly.

Weekly backup 

Time machine: just press backup.

Other hard discs

1. duplicate your backup file, adding your changes, such as new files and applications.
2. Move your backup file to your hard disc.

Hard disc recommendations 

1. WD's My Passport for Mac 1TB. $99+@ Yishun NorthPoint
2. WD's My Passport Ultra or other variants 1TB. Prices vary (reformat required)
3. Seagate ultra slim 1TB. Popular Limited time offer @ $89. (reformat required)
4. Apple's Time Machine. Only good if there are many Apple devices in your home. $450+

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